Pre-stamp mail including Black & Red Franks
Stefan Heijtz & Mike Roberts
Queen Victoria stamps including 1891 Bisects - Malcolm Barton
King Edward VII stamps - Ralph Riddell-Carre
King George V stamps 1912-20 & 1921-28 - Ralph Riddell-Carre
War Stamps 1918-20 - Kim Stuckey
Whale & Penguin issue - Hugh Osborne
1933 Centenary issue - Chris Boyd
1935 Silver Jubilee set - Ralph Riddell-Carre
1938-50 KGVI Definitive issue - Hugh Osborne
1952-53 KGVI & QEII 1955-57 Definitive issues -
Hugh Osborne & Wilf Vevers

KGVI Commemorative issues, FI & FID - Kim Stuckey
QEII Birds Definitive Issue - Hugh Osborne
QEII Flowers Definitive issues - Malcolm Barton
QEII Commemorative issues (pre-decimal) - Kim Stuckey
QEII Decimal issues & all varieties - Malcolm Barton & Kim Stuckey
South Georgia, Paid at 1911-12 - Hugh Osborne
South Georgia 1923 + 1930 bisects - Stefan Heijtz
South Georgia 1928 Provisional surcharge - Malcolm Barton
FID KGVI 1944-45 overprints - Terry Wiffen
FID KGVI Map Definitives 1946 & 1948-49 - Graham Minchinton
KGVI Commemorative issues, FI & FID - Kim Stuckey
FID QEII Ships Definitive issue - Kim Stuckey
FID/SG/BAT QEII commemoratives & definitives -Roger Mazillius


Cancellations FI, up to 1944 - Stefan Heijtz
Cancellations FI, from 1944 - Geoffrey Barber
Cork Obliterators - Stefan Heijtz
Fox Bay & West Falkland - Kim Stuckey
New Island - Chris Boyd
Mount Pleasant - Geoffrey Barber
SG/FID/BAT Cancellations & Cachets - Stefan Heijtz & John Youle
Aerogrammes - Wilf Vevers
Air Mail - Nigel Kaye
Argentine Occupation 1982 - Tony Lovelock & Gerald Marriner
British Forces Mail - Wilf Vevers
Censored Mail - Nigel Kaye
Departmental Cachets - Wilf Vevers
Essays, Proofs, Printers Samples, Specimens - Stuart Dewar
Fiscal Usage of Stamps - Stefan Heijtz
Forgeries - Malcolm Barton & Stefan Heijtz
Formula Registered Envelopes - Mike Church
Operation Tabarin - Terry Wiffen
Postal Rates & General Postal History -  Stefan Heijtz
Postal Stationery - Stefan Heijtz
Postcards - Wilf Vevers
Registration Labels, up to 1952 - Hugh Osborne
Registration Labels, from 1952 - Geoffrey Barber
Sheet Numbers – pre-decimal  - Hugh Osborne


Ruby Index - the Silver Jubilee Index Updated and Available for £7 plus P&P in printed form. The printed version goes through to the Spring 2012 Volume XXI No.7 issue.

This index reflects the changes in the Upland Goose and the topics in the past 16 years. The improvements in computer based publishing have made the reproduction of postal history items far easier; indeed colour supplements have greatly increased this aspect of the publication. As well as postal history, shipping details and the life and times of senders or receivers of mail have been an increased focus of the changing shape of the Study Group.
The index may be downloaded in pdf form (the July 2011 version) below:


One of the most significant developments in the Study Group was the launch of a Research Fund, which will bear the name of the present Research Co-ordinator.

It was decided that awards from the Fund would be administered by the Chairman of the Study Group, the Editor of the Journal and the Research Co-ordinator. This sub-committee has drafted some basic rules – very much on the KISS principle – as below:-

AIMS: To encourage research within Falkland Islands and Dependencies Philately with the goal of publishing the information in the Upland Goose, as a supplement or monograph, or elsewhere.

COMMITTEE: Three people: The FIPSG Chairman; The Editor of the Upland Goose; The FIPSG Research Coordinator.

USE OF FUNDS: The fund will be used to help fund the publication of research within Falkland Islands and Dependencies Philately and will be awarded to projects rather than to people as such. Any one project can be awarded an amount up to a maximum of £200. The maximum amount may be changed by a unanimous committee decision. The committee has to be unanimous to award funds to a project. There is no minimum or maximum number of projects that could receive funds within a year. Some years could have none, others several.

CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE FUND: Any FIPSG member or any other person may donate cash to the fund, but it is also possible to donate stamps, covers, postcards or any other items with a Falklands connection, which will be sold through a FIPSG auction (or another auction which the committee finds suitable) and proceeds from these sales will be added to the fund.

HANDLING OF THE FUND: The money in the fund will be handled by the FIPSG Treasurer as a separate fund in the FIPSG accounts.
Members are encouraged to support this initiative - gifts in “kind” are just as welcome as gifts of cash. The beneficiaries are the ultimately whole membership.