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Supplements for South Georgia Registration Labels 1910-1945,
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Cancellations (West Falkland, New Island and HMCS Afterglow).
Back Issues of Monographs


Shown below are the articles published in the Upland Goose looking at varieties, postmarks etc. These are under the title "Under the Magnifying Glass.

Supplements for South Georgia Registration Labels 1910-1945

Available online here are ten companion supplements to the Study Group Monograph No.22, South Georgia Registration Labels type SG1 to SG5A 1910-1945.

Each is available for you to download as a pdf.


The 2007 and 2009 Lecture Theatre Presentations were given by Ray Rabbetts on the Varieties of QEII 1953-1982. In 2013 Kim Stuckey and Malcolm Barton gave a presentation on the work  on updating Ray's work for new varieties, based on their long running "Under the Magnifying Glass" articles in Upland Goose. All three presentations are available for download here. The Part III presentation includes some older varieties identified in Under the Magnifying Glass.


Below are two links to pdf files of the presentations given by the late John Search at Faringdon 2010 Study Group weekend as Powerpoint displays in the hotel Lecture Theatre.

John showed the various Group Transfer and individual flaws on the Thick Map set, and proposes a similar look at the Thin Map set. The Study Group was grateful to John for providing these presentations for wider viewing and comment.


Hugh Osborne gave a static display on view over twelve frames at the Royal Philatelic Society of London for the month of June 2017. It comprised of two sections, firstly five frames of the issued stamps of the reign followed by seven frames of postal history. This is the presentation of the issued stamps.

The Falkland definitive issue, on sale at Stanley 3 January 1938, Fox Bay (15 January 1938) and Grytviken (30 March 1938) post offices was an icon of the pictorial stamp era. Relatively, numbers are small - there were just 25 sheets, each of 60 stamps of the first, of four printings, of the £1 value. For this display the numbers are further reduced since only one stamp per sheet could have on its attached margins the stamped sheet number, a key feature of the display.

Thanks to Hugh for allowing us to view this display, one of the finest collection of sheet numbers ever assembled.


Hugh Osborne gave a superb presentation and display of the Falkland Islands Birds issue at the 2017 Study Group weekend. The presentation is available here.


A checklist of dates for the West Falkland WF.2 canceller, the New Island N.1 and N.2 cancellers and the HMCS Afterglow oval canceller are given below. Please contact us with any update, ones updated since publication in Upland Goose are shown in red.


Back issues of the Falkland islands Philatelic Study Group Monographs are downloadable from here: