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+++ Next Meeting is at Swinpex - 13th June +++ Falkland Islands Magna Carta released 15th June 2015 +++

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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be the:

13th June 2015, 1:30pm: Joint Meeting with the PPHSGB at Swinpex.
A meeting is a great way to meet fellow members of the Study Group, ask questions about your collection and view other displays of Falkland Islands material. You don't have to show anything yourself! There is also normally an opportunity to buy and sell. Why not take the plunge and attend a meeting? Details on the events page



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Falkland Islands Issue - Magna Carta


Technical Details:


Designers: Derek Miller


Printer: BDT International Security Printing


Process: Lithography


Perforation: 14 per 2cms


Stamp size: 42.58 x 28.45 mm


Sheet Layout: 20 (2 x 10)


Release date: 15 June 2015


Falkland Islands Issue - Colour In Nature IV


Technical Details:


Designers: Ian J. Strange & Georgina Strange


Photographs:  Georgina Strange & Ian J. Strange of Design In Nature


Printer: BDT International Security Printing


Process: Lithography


Perforation: 14 per 2cms


Stamp size: 51.46 x 30mm


Sheet Layout: 10 (5 se-tenant pairs)


Release date: 12 May 2015


Dates for Your Diary - Grosvenor Auctions with Falklands Material
The Grosvenor June 3rd British Empire & Foreign Countries sale will contain a small offering of Falkland Islands including some Q.E.II varieties and a Dependencies Thin Map 2d. ‘double map’.
However, the next specialised Falkland Islands &  Antarctica section will be presented in the auction on September 24th and will include the exceptional collection formed by Bryant  Rose, stamps and covers from the reigns of Queen Victoria to King George VI with many rarities including  Black and Red Frank covers.

AGM - Chairman's Report

Firstly, let me thank our hard working committee, our secretary Morva White, our Auction Manager Mike Roberts, our Treasurer Mark Burton, our Packet Secretary Ralph Riddell-Carre, the Upland Goose Editor Bill Featherstone and other committee members Geoffrey Barber, Richard Griffiths, Graham Bound and Terry Wiffen. Also our Independent Examiner of Accounts, Chris Boyd.


We extend a warm welcome to members attending their first weekend, Alistair Burrow, John Spencer and Mike Wilzynski. As inevitable with our hobby, we also have the sad news of saying goodbye to long standing members Prof. Andrew Burroughs, C Richardson, David Torrie, J Sorby and Alan Brown. Many of us had also spent many hours with three stalwarts of the Study Group who passed away since the last AGM: Harry Evans who of course founded the Polar Postal History Society, Clive Perkins for many years Packet Secretary and organiser of the Eastern Meeting and of course Ronnie Spafford – who promoted Falklands philately in many ways and could be termed the founder of regular air based tourism to the Falklands.


It has been a more quiet year on appointments for the Study Group with no new Vice Presidents or a new President and the committee has decided not to award Life Membership this year either.


We have had a busy year with two retirements; Carl Faulkner has given up running his hotel and is devoting more time to his family and of course collecting and it was bad news for purchasers that Robin and Pat Murchie have stopped their regular auctions that we looked forward to seeing – but probably very good news for them! Also many congratulations to Albert and Marion Gruene on their recent wedding.




Finally what does a man who has collected every Falkland stamp do, well it is quite simple – buy a Post Office! We will see later today the transformation of the old Fox Bay Post Office by Stefan Heijtz and his painter and decorator Hugh Osborne, who have completed a logistical operation of restoration with military precision.


Congratulations also to Hugh who took time off from his priming and glossing to win Gold for his “South Georgia until 1954” display at Stampex. Marc Hammond also won vermeil at Paris for his Falkland Islands and Dependencies display. Also many of our members including Wilf Vevers, Geoffrey Barber, Malcolm Barton and the Chairman were giving displays to local societies to promote collecting Falkland Islands and Dependencies.


There was a welcome addition to the list of Fellows, congratulations to Stefan Heijtz for his election as a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society.


Membership increased in the year ending August 2014, but we have had a number of non paying members and deaths that have contributed to our present membership of just around 350. We are still actively recruiting members through the website.


We had a return of the Southern meeting, with a last minute change of venue which ended with a recreation fo the Italian Job car chase through the streets of Camberley, but it was great to be back. The South West meeting takes a break this year as it clashes with London 2015.


Members were privileged to be at the meeting on 8th December commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands, members Graham Booth and Andrew Norris (Camelia plc) showed a wonderful display of Battle material.


On publications, we published a monograph on the 1982 Conflict recently, with a generous contribution from Stanley Gibbons which enabled us to produce a high quality colour publication. We have monographs in the pipeline on QEII commemoratives and Privilege Mail, plus plenty of other ideas!

Many congratulations to our Study Group Founder
Many congratulations to the Founder of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group, Malcolm Barton, on his award of the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) Award of Merit 2015.
This was awarded both for his work with the Study Group and his local Bath Philatelic Society, where he has been both Chairman and President.
It seems appropriate that Malcolm is pictured with his namesake "Malcolm the Penguin" at the recent Study Group residential weekend. The attendees were treated to a wonderful display from Malcolm on the 1978 Mailships issue, where the gestation of the issue was explained in a most amusing and informative manner! 

Results and Unsolds for Study Group Auction No 76 - March 2015
The results and unsold lots listing is given below. Please contact the Auction Manager as soon as possible if you are interested in any unsold lot. Thanks again to Mike Roberts for all his work as Auction Manager.

 FIPSG Auction Realisations - March 2015


FIPSG Auction 76 March 2015- Unsold Lots



Some 40-50 people, including many children, as well as Falklands Radio, attended the official opening of the Fox Bay Post Office Museum on 8 March. At one stage the Museum was so full that there was hardly any space to move, but we all went into the house for refreshments and it was possible for everybody to enjoy the display of old maps and prints of the Falklands as well.

The Museum is primarily, but not exclusively, showing the history of the Post Office at Fox Bay, and the displays include a counter with postal artefacts, the old wooden rack of mail boxes, mail bags, the old Post Office safe, as well as information about and pictures of old postmarks and letters sent from Fox Bay from 1899 onwards.

One of the more remarkable discoveries was a part impression of one of the old Fox Bay postmarks (FB.2 or FB.3) on one of the floor boards in the Old Post Office!

We want to thank everybody who came along and made this a special day for us all, and it showed that our efforts in restoring the house and the Old Post Office was appreciated.

Stefan Falkland Heijtz & Hugh Osborne

If you happen to be in the area! Official Opening of Fox Bay Post Office Museum - Sunday 8th March
The restoration of the Old Post Office House at Fox Bay is now almost complete, including the reconstruction of the room used as a Post Office between 1918 and 1988, which is the lean-to on the right of the house. This room has now been turned into a museum with postal artifacts, documents, notices, articles, stamps, postmarks and pictures on display. One of the more interesting articles shown is that written by H M S Turner about his life as the Fox Bay Postmaster between 1909 and 1912, including contemporary pictures. Among artifacts on display is the old Post Office safe, a counter with scales, a rack of pigeon holes for mail, old mail bags etc. 

The official opening of the Museum will take place on Sunday 8 March from 4 pm onwards. Refreshments will be served and there will be free valuations: Bring any old stamps or envelopes with stamps that you have and we will let you know what they are worth. Any documents with stamps will be of special interest (conveyances, mortgages, receipts etc).

If anybody has items/artifacts with postal connections, or if you have anything that was once in the Old Post Office, we would be most interested in seeing or hearing about them. This could be anything from fixtures and fittings, furniture, notices or any other items.

Stefan Falkland Heijtz & Hugh Osborne

The Old Post Office, Fox Bay

Phone: 42015


A Tailpiece to Our Stories on The Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands
Thanks to Pat Laycock and Andrew Norris for passing on a superb piece from the "Weather Eye" section of The Times from 8th December 1914, which forms a fitting tailpiece to our articles on the Battles some 100 years ago. Thanks to The Times for the reproduction,

Another Film to look out for - The Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands
News of yet another film worth purchasing. As well as usual outlets such as Amazon, the film can be purchased direct from the BFI at    

A stunning new restoration of a British World War One epic, this is one of the greatest British films from the silent era.

Originally released in 1927 to great acclaim and popularity, The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands is an exciting recreation of two key battles faced by the Royal Navy in the early days of World War One. The first major engagement between German and British ships at Coronel was a terrible defeat for Britain with the loss of two warships. Later the British responded in a desperate bid to save the morale of a nation at war.

The stunning restoration has a stirring new score by award-winning composer Simon Dobson, commissioned by the BFI and performed, appropriately, by 24 members of the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines in honour of the 24 members of the band who lost their lives with the sinking of HMS Monmouth at the battle of Coronel 


Falkland Islands Issue - Birds & Young

Technical details:

Designer/Photographer: Georgina Strange

Printer: BDT International Security Printing

Process: Lithography

Perforation: 14 per 2cms

Stamp size:  30.56 x 38mm

Sheet Layout: 10

Release date: 11 February, 2015


South Georgia - Albatrosses

Technical Details

Designer: Nick Shewring

Printer: BDT International


Process: Lithography


Perforation: 14 per 2cms


Stamp size: 51.46 x 30mm


Sheet Layout: 10


Release date: 30 January, 2015


South Georgia - ­Ships, Scientists and Explorers

Technical Details

Designer: Andrew Robinson

Printer: BDT International


Process: Stochastic lithography


Perforation: 14 per 2cms


Stamp size: 28.45 x 42.58mm


Sheet Layout: 10


Release date: 5 January, 2015


An Interesting New Film Release
It is not often that we recommend that readers look out for a new film release, but this week in the UK there is the release of the new film "Foxcatcher". For those of you who looked at, attended, bid or even purchased an item in the Grosvenor John du Pont sale of Falkland Islands in 2014, this film tells the story of John du Pont.
Foxcatcher tells the dark and fascinating story of the unlikely and ultimately tragic relationship between this eccentric multi-millionaire and two champion wrestlers, based at his family's estate, Foxcatcher.

Clive Perkins
The Study Group has lost another ex-committee member and major contributor in Clive Perkins, who passed away on Saturday 13th December.
Clive is remembered fondly by all attendees of his Eastern Meeting held at Sudbury. He was of course Packet Manager for many years and he is remembered for his superb collections of PSNC, the Queen Victoria issues and Formula Registered envelopes. Our condolences go to Kate and the rest of the family.
Pictured is Clive (left centre) speaking to Malcolm Barton (right centre) at the last Eastern Meeting, he attended at Galleywood in 2010.

Battle of the Falkland Islands Centenary Meeting - Grosvenor Auctions – Monday 8 December 2014

What a day and what a great meeting at Grosvenor on 8th December! A wonderful array of material relating not just to the Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands, but a comprehensive study of events leading up to the Battles and their aftermath. Also it was great to have a joint meeting with the Forces Postal History Society.
The meeting was opened by Chairman Kim Stuckey and President Wilf Vevers, who asked for a moment of silence to honour the fallen of both sides in the Battles. The numbers of loss of life on both British and German ships were horrendous in these first major sea battles of WW I.
The first display was from Study Group member Graham Booth. This was a tour de force of a history lesson of the German territories in China, their Asiatic squadron departing China under occupation from Japan, their passage across the Pacific which culminated almost accidentally in Coronel being the site of the first major engagement of the War. There was a glittering display of postal history supporting the talk. The display carried on through the battles, with a focus on the Emden and Dresden ships. Graham is to be thanked for educating and entertaining the audience.
The second display was from Forces Postal History Society member Tony Walker. His award winning display is subject of a recent publication on the Battle and all the key items from that publication were on display here. Again Tony showed excellent knowledge of his subject, informing the audience about the Battles and there was a wide variety of ephemera to support the displays.


Top Picture - Presenters Tony Walker and Graham Booth
Bottom Picture - Presenter Andrew Norris 
After lunch, the third major display was by kind permission of Camellia plc, presented by curator and adviser Andrew Norris. Camellia had allowed originals to be presented and other items such as the Emden medals and tokens, which are very scarce. POW mail and postcards of the damage caused to HMS Kent formed other highlights of this collection. The display had been originally written up by Frank Laycock and Andrew paid a moving tribute to Frank and his contribution to the display.
The meeting finished with a display of other items brought by the 38 attendees, including more postcards, a prize ship (Bangor) cover, and the 1964 commemorative issue. The last sheet displayed, with thanks to Pobjoy Mint, showed the stamps issued on the day to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle. 
Once again thanks to Pobjoy Mint, Camellia plc and our hosts, Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions, for their support of an excellent meeting. 

Falkland Islands Issue - Type 42s

Designer: John Batchelor MBE

Printer: BDT International

Process: Lithography

Perforation: 14 per 2 cms

Stamp size: 28.45 x 42.58mm

Sheet Layout: 10

Release date: 22 December 2014


Southern Meeting, Camberley – Sunday 2 November 2014

The FIPSG Southern Meeting was held on 1st November at the Camberley Golf Club this time (because the Camberley Cricket Club had double booked their meeting room!). 20 members attended and first assembled at Hugh & Mary Osborne's house for teas and coffees before transferring to the Golf Club a short distance away.
We enjoyed two sessions of displays before returning to Hugh & Mary's house for an excellent lunch prepared by Mary (thank you ever so much for your hard work). After lunch we went back to the Golf Club for two further sessions of displays. Wilf invited us all to have a moment's silence in memory of Ronnie Spafford, of whom we all have wonderful memories. In all it was a most pleasant meeting and everybody seemed to enjoy the company and the displays. Hugh & Mary are to be congratulated for another wonderful meeting.

The displays included the following (in no particular order):
Morva White, 1982 Conflict and FIGAS. Graham Minchinton, 1933 Centenary Flaws. Chris Boyd, 1933 Centenary postmarks including forged postmarks. Malcolm Barton, Airletters including Specimen overprints. Wilf Vevers, Early inward airmail and TAE & IGY Expedition mail. Kim Stuckey, Reina del Pacifico. Ralph Riddell-Carre, South Shetlands and South Georgia. 

Terry Wiffen, Operation Tabarin and Inward Mail. Dave Walker, Antarctic Expeditions. Stefan Heijtz, postal and other items from his recent visit to the Falklands, and details & photos of the Old Post Office House at Fox Bay. Trevor Cornford, postcards and items for sale. Robert Hurst, postcards. Roger Mazillius, 1938 set as awarded to George Roberts and Air Mail Penguin Postcard stamps. John Spencer, FID Maps. Hugh Osborne, recent purchases.

Report by Stefan Heijtz

Old Fox Bay Post Office bought by Someone You Might Know 
The Old Post Office House at Fox Bay has recently been bought by Stefan Heijtz. This is, as far as we know, the oldest remaining Post Office building in the Falklands, and it is about 100 years old. A small wireless station was opened at Fox Bay in November 1918 and it would appear that from then onwards, the wireless operator on duty there also combined the work of the Post Office. 
This house was probably built in about 1918 for the wireless operator, who then also took over the duties as Postmaster. William Myles was in charge of the Post Office between January 1929 and February 1951, and Charlie Maddocks took over in January 1956 and stayed there until 1980. The Post Office remained in this house until sometime in the mid 1980's when Ken Halliday (who had taken over as Postmaster after Charlie Maddocks in 1980) moved it into the store. It is one of the historically most important houses on West Falkland, and many of the older folks in the islands have memories of it being the "official" house on the West, not only for postal matters, but also for registrations of marriages, births and deaths, and many other official duties. 
The plan is to remove the most hideous modern extensions that have been made, primarily the half of a porta-cabin added to the left, and the extension to the porch towards the right, so that the house can return to a more attractive and more original state.

It will also be renovated completely inside and out, and the old Post Office part on the far right may be turned into some form of Post Office museum.
The entire property also consists of a number of out-buildings, including a Nissen-hut, and about half an acre of land. Stefan together with Hugh Osborne are planning to go to the islands in early 2015, staying for some two months to start the renovation of the house.
The pictures are showing the house today, and as it was in c. the 1920's.

Falkland Islands Issue - Centenary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands 

Technical details:

Designer     Robin Carter

Printer         BDT International

Process      Lithography

Perforation 14 per 2 cms

Stamp size 30.56 x 38mm

Sheet Layout  10

Release date 

8 December 2014



South Georgia - Heroes of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition Issue 

Technical details:


Layout: Bee Design

Printer: BDT International

Process: Lithography

Perforation: 14 per 2cms

Stamp size: 28.45 x 42.58mm

Sheet Layout: 10

Release date: 5th November 2014 (the Centenary of the arrival of the Expedition at Grytviken).


South Georgia - History of Reindeer Issue 

Technical details:


Layout: Bee Design

Printer: BDT International

Process: Lithography

Perforation: 14 per 2cms

Stamp size: 28.45 x 42.58mm

Sheet Layout: 10

Release date: 14th October, 2014


Falkland Islands Issue - Colour in Nature 3 

Technical details:

Designers:   Ian J. Strange & Georgina Strange

Photographs: Georgina Strange & Ian J. Strange of Design In Nature

Printer: BDT International Security Printing

Process: Lithography

Perforation: 14 per 2cms

Stamp size:  51.46 x 30mm

Sheet Layout: 10 (5 se-tenant pairs)

Release date: 16 September, 201


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